configure system security snmp community public r
admin save config

show interfaces
show interfaces 1/43
interfaces 1/43 admin up
interfaces 1/43 admin down


Build VLAN, assign IP Address, subnet mask, Access Port:
vlan 4092 enable
vlan 4092 stp disable
ip interface mgmt address vlan 4092
vlan 4092 ip
vlan 4092 port default 1/24

Create VLAN
vlan 100 enable
Assign Trunk Port to VLAN
vlan 100 802.1q 1/1
vlan 100 802.1q 1/2
vlan 100 802.1q 1/3
Assign Access Port to VLAN
vlan 4092 port default 1/24

vlan 106 enable
vlan 106 802.1q 1/1
vlan 106 802.1q 1/2
vlan 106 802.1q 1/3

vlan 113 enable
vlan 113 802.1q 1/1
vlan 113 802.1q 1/2
vlan 113 802.1q 1/3

Only accept tagged frames
vlan 802.1q 1/1 frame type tagged
vlan 802.1q 1/2 frame type tagged
vlan 802.1q 1/3 frame type tagged

Spanning Tree Config
bridge mode flat
bridge protocol mstp
bridge cist protocol mstp

Intel VRF Only:
bridge cist priority 4096

CLRE VRF and CLRE Internet Only:
bridge cist 1/1 path cost 400000


show ip route
ip static-route gateway metric 1
ip static-route gateway
no ip static-route gateway


SNMP Read Write Access:

replace your_password and your_community with your value


user snmpuser password your_password read-write all no auth
aaa authentication snmp "local"
snmp security no security
snmp community map "your_community" user "snmpuser" on


Save Config:
write memory
copy working certified


Boot from inconsistent working: (Return to saved uncertified working config)
reload working no rollback-timeout

Boot Sequence:
If Working = Certified, boot from working (all changes consistent)
Else boot from Certified

Operational files and saving.
Running: Current operational (Reboot now will lose config)
Working: Saved (After save to working only, reboot will use certified)
Certified: Copied from Working (After copy, reboot will use working config)

Display config:
admin display-config

show interface
configure port x/x/x
no shutdown


configure system security snmp community <COMMUNITY> <PERMISSION R W>

Static Route:

static-route next-hop 


show router bgp next-hop
show router bgp neighbors
show router bgp routes


Name change:
*A:ECO-RO-7705-01# configure system name "chrshamprtr01"


*A:chrshamprtr01# configure system time ntp server
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure system time zone NZST
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure system time ntp no shutdown


Admin password:
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure system security password admin-password "<password>"
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure system security user admin password "<password>"


*A:chrshamprtr01# configure system security tacplus authorization
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure system security tacplus timeout 5
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure system security tacplus single-connection
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure system security tacplus server 1 address secret "sc1intiLLat1ng"


*A:chrshamprtr01# configure log syslog 1 description "osshampnag01"
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure log syslog 1 address
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure log log-id 98 description "Syslog config"
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure log log-id 98 time-format local
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure log log-id 98 from main security change
*A:chrshamprtr01# configure log log-id 98 to syslog 1



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